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User Guide

Instructions on how to set up a conference call and how each feature of our service works.

Keypad Commands

Summary of keypad commands.

Quick Guide - Conference Call Setup

Email everyone you wish to participate in your conference call and provide them with the dial-in number and participant code you were issued along with the time/date of your conference. At the time of the conference everyone will just follow the simple steps below.

1. Dial in to the system using either the toll or toll-free domestic phone number or the international phone number that was supplied to you.

2. Enter your HOST CODE followed by the "#" sign.

3. Your conference participants dial in to the system in the same way and enter the host's PARTICIPANT CODE followed by the "#" sign.

4. You're conferencing. It's that easy.

Customizable Options

OPERATOR ASSISTANCE (* 0) - Immediate operator support is available by pressing * 0 on your telephone keypad.

BILL CODE/REFERENCE NUMBER CAPTURE - To make it easy for clients to track the billing of individual calls, employees or departments, our service gives the ability to assign a billing or reference number to a call. There are two ways to capture this information. Either way is available and can be customized to suit your needs.

1. When a host calls in to begin a call, the system will ask for a number (one to twenty digits) that will be assigned to this call on the client's bill.

2. A permanent bill code or reference number can be assigned to a host in the system. Using this option, all of a particular host's calls will be tracked and their total usage will be shown on the bill.

Note: The Bill Code/Reference Number Capture feature must be activated before it can be used. To do this please email with your host code and request that the Bill Code feature is turned on. Once this is done, this feature will be enabled for all subsequent calls.

LOCK/UNLOCK CONFERENCE (* 5) - Once all of the invited participants have joined the conference call, the host can lock the call using a simple touch-tone command. This feature prevents others callers from being able to dial into the conference. To lock or unlock your conference, press * 5.

PRESENTATION MODE (* 7) - This listen only function allows the host to mute all participants except for themselves. This is done by placing the conference call in a lecture mode. In this mode, the host is the only line that can be heard. To mute or un-mute all of the members of the conference except for the host, press * 7.

The Presentation Mode function allows for multiple presenters or speakers. This is useful when it is necessary to have several people speaking while all others in the conference are muted.

To allow several presenters to speak while the rest of the conference is muted, have all of the speakers dial into the same conference as hosts, using the host entry code. Have all other conference attendees dial into the conference using the participant entry code.

When * 7 is pressed by any of the hosts, all participants (other than the hosts) will be muted and the conference will be in Presentation Mode. In this mode, only the hosts will be heard.

SELF-MUTE/UN-MUTE (* 6) - Any participant may mute or un-mute their line - to avoid having any background noise heard - by pressing * 6.

ROLL CALL (# 1 OR # 2) - This feature provides the host with a count of how many people are on the call or depending on the configuration of your individual account, the recorded names of each participant may be heard. To hear a roll call of present conference member's press # 1. To obtain a head count of present conference members, press # 2.

DIALING-OUT (# 3, # 4, # 5) - The host can easily dial-out to as many participants as is necessary. Once that host has dialed out and made contact with another user, they may bring the new participant into the conference where all of the other participants are waiting. If the host reaches voice mail when dialing out, they may leave a message and easily disconnect from that line which, in turn, brings them back to the main conference.

  • # 3 - To dial out to a person not presently in the conference, press # 3. At the dial tone enter either:

    1 + area code + phone number for domestic phone numbers
    - or -
    011 + phone number for international phone numbers

  • # 4 - To disconnect from that phone number and return to the conference, press # 4.
  • # 5 - To connect that person and have both the host and that user return to the conference, press # 5.

Note: The Dial-Out feature must be activated before it can be used. Click here to have the Dial-Out feature activated. Once activated, this feature will remain enabled for all subsequent calls.

ENDING A CONFERENCE (*99) - The host may end a conference call at any time by pressing *99. Press 1 to end the call. Press 2 to return to the conference.

Conference Room Configuration Options

Current default settings are shown with an X and in italics. If you wish to change any of these options, please email with your host code indicating your preferences. To change any of these settings while a conference is active, press *0 to contact a live operator. Changes made while a conference is in use are not permanent.

1. Conference Start

Interactive - Everyone on call will hear and talk to each other as soon as they enter the conference - regardless of a Host presence or not.

X Music Awaiting Host - Participants are on Music Hold until the Host enters and the conference is then Interactive.

Music to Presentation - Participants are on Music Hold. Once the Host enters, the conference will automatically be placed into Presentation Mode, which mutes all participants. If the Host enters early he/she will want to periodically announce to the participants so they know they are in the right place.

2. Name Recording

X On - Callers are prompted to record their name.

Off - No prompt for name.

3. Entry Announcement

X Personal Message - Used in conjunction with name recording, will announce for each participant. Example: "Fred Smith has entered the conference."

Tone - Each participant entrance is noted with a short 'beep' tone.

None - there is no indication that the participants have entered the conference.

4. Exit Announcement

Personal Message - Used in conjunction with name recording, will announce for each participant. Example: "Fred Smith has left the conference."

Tone - Each participant departure is noted with a short 'beep' tone.

X None - There is no indication that the participants have departed the conference.

5. Recording Announcement

X System Message - Will announce, "The conference is now being recorded."

Phone Conference Usage Reports

A Phone Conference Usage Report can be emailed to the host after each conference. This is a valuable tool that gives comprehensive detail of how a conference was used and keeps a complete record of each call.

For the call summary, this report tracks:

  • The room and company name
  • Total minutes billed and total cost of the conference
  • How many lines dialed into the conference
  • The start and end time and date of the conference

For details on individual conference members, this report tracks:

  • The time each conference member joined the conference
  • Each conference member's phone number (if available)
  • Each conference member's connection type
  • Each conference member's total minutes billed
  • Each conference member's call cost

Note: The Phone Conference Usage Report feature must be activated before it can be used. Click here to have the Phone Conference Usage Report feature activated. Once activated, this feature will remain enabled for all subsequent calls.

Conference Call Recording

Our system automatically archives and remotely stores recorded conference calls. However, you must allow up to 30 minutes between recordings. If a new recording is initiated prior to the allotted time, any prior recording is deleted and cannot be retrieved.

OPERATOR INITIATED RECORDING - As a Host you may contact a live operator via the *0 command and request the operator initiate the process to ensure proper recording.

HOST INITIATED RECORDING (# 7) - A Host may record a conference call. To enable this feature:

  • Press # 7 - Enter Record Mode
  • Press 1 - To begin recording the current conference

<<< Recording Begins >>> You will hear, "The conference is now being recorded." This is your confirmation that the recording initiated successfully.

  • # 7 - To Stop and exit Recording Mode, or you may simply hang up.

RETRIEVING A RECORDED CALL - After your conference has ended, submit a recording request. Once your request is processed you will receive an email containing download links to your files. You may also request instructions on how to dial in and listen to your recordings by phone at the same time. Please read the details on both options below.

MP3/WAV File (Free) - An email will be sent from containing a secure link.

  • As you are limited to 12 downloads of this recording, please do not use this site as the file delivery mechanism to others.

  • Your download link will be available for one month from the date of this email.

  • Both MP3 and WAV formats are available. Economy Conference Call recommends that you download the MP3 file for portability and file storage.

  • If your email program does not support active links, please cut and paste the link into the "address" or "location" field of your browser and press "Enter" or "Go".

Playback by Phone(Per minute rates apply) - An email will be sent from containing access information and directions on how to retrieve all conference recordings. This email will contain:

  • The phone number to dial to retrieve the recording
  • A Participant Code

This access information will be valid for all subsequent recordings. It is not necessary to make this request more than once. Instructions below.

1. Dial the phone number that was emailed to you with your playback instructions.

2. Enter the Participant Code that was emailed to you with your playback instructions.

3. If multiple recordings are available:

  • Press 1 to listen to the most recent recording
  • Press 2 to listen to the previous recording
  • Press 3 to listen to the next recording

Your playback can be controlled with the following keypad controls:

  • 1  -  Play
  • 2  -  Stop
  • 3  -  Advanced Menu
  • 4  -  Rewind (45 seconds)
  • 5  -  Pause
  • 6  -  Fast Forward (45 seconds)
  • 7  -  Slow Playback
  • 8  -  Normal Playback
  • 9  -  Fast Playback

Customer Support

customer support


Email:  Contact Support
Toll-Free:  877-237-0569
Live Chat:  Click "Live Chat" on any page.

Support Hours:  Monday to Thursday 24 Hours; Friday 8:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. ET.